Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Team is responsible for enabling the success of day-to-day functions within the WiEat ecosystem, including interface with restaurants, drivers, customers, and other team members.

Ideal candidates will:

  • Value high levels of customer service and continuous improvement of customer experiences.
  • Be adept at digital communications and primed to succeed in a digital-first environment.
  • Possess great skill with managing competing priorities on a demanding timeline.
  • Have great focus, eye for detail, and a continuous drive to excel.
  • Apply their knowledge to facilitate successful outcomes with key stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate proactive problem-solving, documentation, communication, and support where needed.

Your work will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Onboarding of restaurants and managing relationships and customer service processes.
  • Management of drivers and monitoring of progress benchmarked against expectations.
  • Ability to interface with customers and resolve issues including but not limited to driver routing, restaurant communications and customer satisfaction using online tools.
  • Management of invoices, refunds, documentation, and reporting as appropriate.
  • Facilitating restaurants with menu uploads and/or changes upon request. 
  • Engaging restaurants and assisting with managing their interface including ensuring orders are accepted and dispatched in a timely manner.
  • Collection, management, and documentation of feedback from customers.
  • Assisting with training of other personnel in the administrative, procurement, or delivery functions.
  • Collaboration with administrative team members to achieve organizational objectives. 
  • Marketing communications in-person and digitally as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.