WiEat is dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction in the area of contactless delivery. Through our app we enable customers to obtain essential or luxury services. We establish a strong connection with partner organisations to deliver absolute customer delight. Our clients value our timeliness, secure and clean approach to delivery. 

WiEat is the future of retail shopping. We are the 
customer experience, marketplace and medium of delivery 
all in one seamless, hassle-free and enjoyable ordering process.
Via our mobile app customers from throughout the country have at their fingertips, access to a range of merchants.

The interface allows the customers to easily select from the merchants’ menu, place their order, pay via credit card and have the option to pick up the order or have it delivered to their doorstep in a safe and contactless configuration.

All of this achieved via a fully automated and integrated technology.

As a brand

Our mission statement is:

“To help clients gain satisfaction in accessing food choices through efficient and 

timely delivery of orders through over the web application and in conjunction with reliable restaurant brands.”

The vision statement we esteem is:

“To become a caribbean-wide organization rendering partnerships to people in the area of food delivery and orders; bridging the gap between clients and restaurants and bettering user experience ”


WiEat Team